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How-Tos for Electric Vehicles

Ford F-150 Lightning EV & Ford Mustang Mach-E EV

Many of our customers at T&S Ford have questions about their vehicle’s range and using its related features. As part of our commitment to your satisfaction with your EV, we have answered a few frequently asked questions here for your reference.

How can I maximize my electric vehicle's range during winter?

Park your vehicle in your garage, and keep it plugged in when not driving. While charging, turn the heater off. Minimize your use of the cabin’s HVAC system, and take full advantage of the heated steering wheel and heated seats. Ensure that the tires are properly inflated. Drive at the posted speed limit.

How do I get the best range from my all-electric vehicle?

The FordPass app manages the cabin’s temperature and charging times to prepare for outings. When driving, maintain a reasonable speed, and optimize the use of cruise control. Use the EV’s mapping feature to plan your route. Avoid stop signs, stoplights, and stop-and-go traffic when it is feasible. Remove the cargo carrier and bike rack when not in use. It is also essential to follow the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance plan.

How do I maximize my electric vehicle range?

Your EV’s range can be optimized through your driving habits, such as by driving at the posted speed limit and avoiding rapid accelerations. When possible, reduce your HVAC system use. Opt for flatter routes to your destinations. Consider driving at times of the day when temperatures are more moderate. Explore the option of upgrading to a larger battery.

How do I reset my EV driving history?

Seasonally, reset your car’s driving history. This will yield the most accurate reading for the battery range. To do so, select the Vehicle image on the SYNC display screen. Then, choose Settings > Vehicle > EV Driving History Reset.

How do I set the maximum charge level for my electric vehicle?

Access the Settings tab on the SYNC display screen. Through the Charge setting, turn on the Charging Locations option. Tap on the pencil icon. Then, select + Add New Location. Toggle the setting to the highest charging level possible. Click the Next button twice to lock in the settings.

What is the Intelligent Range in the Mustang Mach-E?

Your Mustang Mach-E’s Intelligent Range feature gives you accurate details about the battery’s range. It is essential to keep this feature up-to-date through software updates. These are enabled through the Ford Power-Up function.

What is my Electric Vehicle's Distance to Empty when fully charged?

Your Ford’s learning algorithm will determine an accurate battery range by analyzing cabin preferences, driving habits, and other factors. It will yield an accurate reading after driving for at least 12 hours or 500 miles. This feature continues to monitor these factors constantly to have a precise reading.

What is the Electric Vehicle (EV) Routing feature in Apple Maps?

The Apple Maps EV Routing feature in the 2021 and 2022 Mach-E can assist with route planning and identifying charging stations along various routes. It is accessible through Apple CarPlay in vehicles with an iOS 15.4 version. Only SYNC software versions 22034_PRODUCT.364, 22028_PRODUCT.358, and 21281_PRODUCT.244 have this feature.

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