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How to Buy a New Car

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Your vehicle is essential to your daily life, affecting everything from convenience and safety to your finances and more. Now that you focus on buying a new vehicle, you understandably need to make the best selection for your budget and needs. At the same time, you want to finalize your purchase without hassle. How can you walk through your next new car purchase more easily?

Get to Know Your Options

Refining the scope of your search to one or two specific body types and classes will dramatically narrow down your options. Once you decide to buy a three-row SUV, a sports coupe, or something else, you can then research the top vehicles available in the group. Take a closer look at invoice prices, reviews, and special deals on select models.

Apply for Financing

Financing directly affects affordability, so searching for a new loan or lease requires attention in the early stages of your search. Determine how much money you want to put down, and use an online payment calculator before applying. This will help you to determine a reasonable sales price and term length for your financing.

Prepare for Your Trade

If you have a trade-in vehicle, you must ensure you can repay the old loan with its equity. If you still need to, you may need to come up with extra cash or roll the other balance into your next auto loan. If you have trade-in equity, apply this to your down payment to lower your new loan payment. Edmunds and KBB both offer easy-to-use vehicle valuation tools.

Request a Test Drive

You may now have a specific make and model at the top of your list, but you must test-drive it to ensure it meets your expectations. A sales rep at your local dealership can assist with a test drive and help you find the specific vehicle with the features you are looking for.

Research the Sales Price

Contact the dealership to request an out-the-door price. This includes all applicable fees and taxes. At that time, inquire about warranties, prepaid maintenance plans, and other add-ons that could help you get the most out of your next car.

Ask About Deals

Before signing the purchase documents, inquire about special vehicle deals and financing deals. It makes sense to explore deals available from other nearby dealerships as well. Often, your local dealership can match the deal and earn your business.

Sign the Paperwork

Once all the details are lined up, the only step remaining is to sign the paperwork. This is traditionally done in the dealership's financing department, but you may also be able to complete this step from home if you prefer.

Are you excited to get serious about your next auto purchase? We are pleased to be a part of your buying experience, and we will happily give you full details about our inventory and specials when you connect with us today.

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